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Advantages of the electric car

No air pollutants and no CO2 emissions when in use Electric cars do not emit pollutants into the atmosphere when they drive. No NOx, fine particles, unburned hydrocarbons and other carbon monoxide, which are often blamed for their health impacts. There are, however, some particulate emissions from tires and brakes, emitted by all vehicles. Switching…
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Why create an e-commerce site?

An e-commerce site makes it possible to start up at a lower cost compared to traditional companies. What’s more, you can get started much faster. The management of an e-commerce site does not require a physical presence at a specific location, except perhaps for storage and order preparation, which you can completely outsource, or even…
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Integration of ICT in the automotive industry

The internal complexity of the automobile has increased considerably in recent years. Indeed, the operating environment of the automobile has seen the advent of information technology. As a result, innovation in the automotive sector increasingly involves the integration of driver assistance systems into the vehicle. A driving aid is defined as “a device that assists…
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The connected vehicle is shaking up the automotive sector

However, equipment manufacturers are moving forward cautiously to avoid finding themselves in competition with the manufacturers, their main customers, who also aim to become mobility service operators. The connected vehicle is also leading to the emergence of new players in the automotive sector. One immediately thinks of the digital giants, such as Amazon with its…
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Information technology at the service of motor vehicle protection

Motor vehicles occupy a predominant place in the digital revolution because of the involvement of ECUs in their operation. These units can improve driving safety on the road, automatically call emergencies when needed and guide drivers to their destination. Today’s cars commonly have around 100 of these units. “Information technology has been one of the…
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Why is automotive computing expensive?

Even if we too often tend to forget it: from a historical point of view, the car is a material product. For a long time, innovations often focused exclusively on material technology, mechanical components and the drive system. Traditionally, when different control systems were installed in a vehicle, these units initially operated independently. The engine…
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