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Since 2004, we have been collaborating with the most famous car brands ! 

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Since 2004, We are a software development company for the automotive industry. We work with major brands, which proves our commitment to quality. Our group is recognized worldwide for its cutting-edge technologies.

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Automotive programming sector

As you know, the market for autonomous cars is booming worldwide. Manufacturers are looking for computer engineers who specialise in the development of algorithms, insertion of on-board computers, evaluation, management and transmission of data (e.g. vehicle sensors), etc. It is a mixture of electronics, vehicle technology and IT for the construction and programming of autonomous vehicles, or in other words, driverless AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).

Today’s vehicles look more and more like a large mobile computer. Many functions are automated and the importance of integrated software is gradually becoming apparent. The intelligent cars of the future will provide consumers with personalised information in real time to optimise vehicle use. To achieve this, developers who specialise in creating web programs for automotive computer systems are developing software with the appropriate languages.

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