Why create an e-commerce site?

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Why create an e-commerce site?

An e-commerce site makes it possible to start up at a lower cost compared to traditional companies. What’s more, you can get started much faster. The management of an e-commerce site does not require a physical presence at a specific location, except perhaps for storage and order preparation, which you can completely outsource, or even better if you do not have any stock.

It has never been so easy to launch an e-commerce site nowadays, just look at the number of e-commerce sites in France to realize it. Indeed, 204,000 sites will be active in 2016. In 10 years, the number of sites has been multiplied by 9. With the evolution of technology, the media with a great success story, e-commerce has long been seen as an Eldorado. As a result, increased competition has emerged in many areas.

It now happens to anyone who wants to start to professionalize and stand out from other sites. As a result, you need to be aware of the many choices available to you to create your e-commerce site. Which technology to use? How much will it cost me? Do I need to have significant technical skills to build my site?

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There are two distinct families of e-commerce sites. The first is for selling products. The second is mainly used to offer services.

An e-commerce site to sell services
The sale of services via a Web site consists of promoting services to individuals (B2C) or businesses (B2B) through an interface accessible on the Internet.

At first glance, the management of an e-commerce site for the sale of services may seem simpler, as it does not involve any stock and logistics management. On the other hand, to promote your services on the Net, you will have to position yourself as an expert in your field!

Your e-commerce site should therefore reveal a solid expertise.

Setting up an e-commerce site to sell services requires a long preparation. To make your project a success, it is essential to analyze your competitors and to be inspired by them while standing out.

An online store to sell products
The other category of e-commerce sites consists of selling products.

The objective of this IT support is clear: to offer a catalogue of articles to customers all over the world, with a view to selling items, shipping them and generating turnover.

In this kind of activity, visibility is essential! To be profitable, your website must attract a maximum number of visitors. It must also be based on an effective strategy, offering quality products at attractive prices.